The magnificent world of Chess

We watched the amazing “Pawn Sacrifice” yesterday which deals with the life of chess legend Bobby Fischer, thought by many to be one of the most powerful players in the world. After his legendary win against Boris Spassky, Fischer drifted off into a strange world of his own.

Ther are several documentaries on Youtube about the man, one of the more interesting ones being “Bobby Fischer against the World”.


It is September soon.  I remember that in the early days of the last decade I had celebrated the 11th of September as a second birthday. Nowadays I tend to forget the date.

I still have a lot of scary pictures in my archive from that time.

It was a beautiful, warm and clear September day.

Only 24h earlier, I used to look at the people walking that street from my office window.

We must not forget those who died on that day.

Going to TEDx!

We are going to TEDx this fall! I am sooo excited!  Always wanted to go there. This is phantastic, intellectual entertainment.

If you want to know what it is about, check out as a sample this beautiful talk by the brilliant late Swedish researcher and professor of global health studies Hans Rosling