It is September soon.  I remember that in the early days of the last decade I had celebrated the 11th of September as a second birthday. Nowadays I tend to forget the date.

I still have a lot of scary pictures in my archive from that time.

It was a beautiful, warm and clear September day.

Only 24h earlier, I used to look at the people walking that street from my office window.

We must not forget those who died on that day.


We are going to Singapore later this year. Can not wait!

The last time I was there was in 2012, before I accepted my current role. I can not say how much I still love the country. Having lived there for many years has given me deep respect and love. I badly miss my old home, huge pools, ocean views, sim lim tower, funan center, my old motor bike and all the lovely folks that I had the honour to work with. I have never worked with people as efficient as the Singaporeans.

Happy birthday Singapore by the way. Singapore, same as myself were born in August of 1965, just 11 days apart. Maybe that is why we are close at heart.

Food channels

I have two food channels to recommend.

Number one is the holy grail of Asian food, Mark Wiens channel on Youtube. Mark is an American with Chinese heritage living in Thailand with his wife and son. He has produced some of the most delightful restaurant reviews.

Here is a sample:

The second channel is Munchies “Chefs night out” series. The idea is to have one chef take the team around to his favourite 3 or 4 culinary hotspots in his city, then returning to his own restaurant. This is an awesome travel guide.

Going to TEDx!

We are going to TEDx this fall! I am sooo excited!  Always wanted to go there. This is phantastic, intellectual entertainment.

If you want to know what it is about, check out as a sample this beautiful talk by the brilliant late Swedish researcher and professor of global health studies Hans Rosling


Storms in the tropics

I am just browsing through my old videos and ran into this interesting one. While living in Singapore in 2007, I had recently purchased my first Macbook and was experimenting with its builtin camera. I pointed it outside of one of the windows and let it run in time lapse mode as I wanted to see the patterns of ship movement in the Singapore straits.

When I returned home from dinner, I saw this on the recorded movie!


Every year, during the last week of school vacation, there is a fabulous model aircraft show in Kirberg. If you stay in the area, It’s well worth dropping by.

Which reminds me, I got to get out to fly the drone 😉


Rhine valley

Recently we went on a short visit to the upper middle Rhine valley which is just a short hop from our home and which is a scenic place to visit.

Pictured is Castle Pfalzgrafenstein. Practically speaking, this is a toll station from the middle ages. The location bears some historical significance as it is the location where the Prussian army crossed the river to fight Napoleons forces, ending in the Battle of Waterloo.

Present day Kaub is a bit run down but allows interesting insights in to its former glory during the last century. Many of the small towns along the river had a touristic past but nowadays are deserted. One might be able to score real estate there for next to nothing.

If you are visiting, keep in mind that the fall season offers great opportunities to visit some “Straussenwirtschaft”, which are small, inofficial venues in the back gardens of some wineries and farms where fresh produce of the season can be sampled. If the weather is good, this can be a lot of fun.