Hamfest Score

I recently was so lucky to run into a gentleman selling two vintage Fluke differential voltmeters, a Fluke 891 (DC only) and 893 (AC and DC) for 10 Euro each. What could go wrong?

Both instruments were in a fairly questionable state so I took them through a thorough cleaning cycle and re-calibrated them. All knobs were rinsed ultrasonically and one of the meters had to be disassembled and oiled to bring it back to life. I could not find a manual for the 891 but since the 893 is practically the same instrument, all the information is there.

Luckily I had seen W2AEWs excellent Video review, so I knew what to expect.

What a fabulous instrument! How amazing is it to have an instrument which is almost as old as myself that can measure a voltage to the nth decimal digit?

What had to be done was:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Fixing the meter on the 891
  • Recalibrating both instruments
  • Adding a power cord plug to the 893

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